I really dont have that much free time

One day one of my home boys came over my new place and saw all the games I have and ask, “Where do you have the time to play all of these”. The answer isn’t that simple but it really is. When I was working like 30+ hours at work a week, going to rehearsals while taking 5 classes at my college I was still able to put at least 2-4 hours of gameplay a day. How you ask?

I just didn’t sleep when i went home. Slept on my way to work, classes and rehearsals on the train or sometimes sleep at rehearsals when I wasn’t require to be on stage. Now since Im not doing a show, plus not working and almost finish with classes this semester I actually have a lot of free time (first time in years truthfully). Still gotta get a new job before June though…..or before my savings run out ;-;

FightingGames Vs FPSGames

I play a lot of games. From Witcher, Mass Effect, Dishonored, Darksiders, Pokemon, to even Sonic the Hedgehog games. The main games I love to play are FPS and Fighting games though. Not for the competitively aspect but just for the enjoyment of it honestly. Its just fun and the better the other person is the more fun the match is. To better explain this, if you watch or know of DBZ, when it comes to games I play like Goku rather than Vegeta. I really play for the thrill rather than just wanting to always win or just win. Im not gonna list all the fighting games I have cause that will take two long. Seeing how I have to account for 6 different systems I have fighting games for. I just say my favorites, same for FPS. Main favs, In order

Halo5, NarutoStorm4, Overwatch, SuperSmashBros.4, DeadOrAlive5LR (judgeMe)