I really dont have that much free time

One day one of my home boys came over my new place and saw all the games I have and ask, “Where do you have the time to play all of these”. The answer isn’t that simple but it really is. When I was working like 30+ hours at work a week, going to rehearsals while taking 5 classes at my college I was still able to put at least 2-4 hours of gameplay a day. How you ask?

I just didn’t sleep when i went home. Slept on my way to work, classes and rehearsals on the train or sometimes sleep at rehearsals when I wasn’t require to be on stage. Now since Im not doing a show, plus not working and almost finish with classes this semester I actually have a lot of free time (first time in years truthfully). Still gotta get a new job before June though…..or before my savings run out ;-;

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